Who We Are

Our founder, Fred Bock

Revered as one of the most recognized and respected leaders in the church music world, Fred Bock founded Gentry Publications and Fred Bock Music Company in 1970.

FBPG has expanded to provide you with an eclectic blend of choral music from our cumulative publishing companies.

Fred Bock Music Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group
Fred Bock Music Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group
Fred Bock Music Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group
H.T. FitzSimons Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group
H.T. FitzSimons Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group
H.T. FitzSimons Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group
H.T. FitzSimons Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group
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Fred Bock Music Company is a division of Fred Bock Publishing Group

Meet the People of FBPG

Lois Bock

Chairman of the Board, Fred Bock Publishing Group

Since a young age, faith has been the center of Lois’ spiritual and social life. She is an active member of the church and finds joy in playing piano and reading. Lois attended Riverside Junior College and later transferred to California State College, Los Angeles. In between her studies, she worked part-time at the Los Angeles Youth for Christ, where she met Fred Bock. They married in 1964 and were later accompanied by their children, Stephen, Jonathan, and Sandy. In her leisure, Lois dedicated her time to the Volunteer League and the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, which she considers a “rewarding and enjoyable experience.” In addition to her volunteer work, Lois wrote two books with Miji Working; “Happiness is a Family Time Together” and “Happiness is a Family Walk with God.” Today, Lois is blessed with five grandchildren and deeply treasures being a grandmother. 

Stephen Bock

Stephen Bock

President, Fred Bock Publishing Group

After graduating from Occidental College, Stephen Bock spent fifteen years in the television and film business, working as a writer, producer, and editor on many award winning documentaries and network specials. Following the untimely death of his father, Fred Bock, Stephen returned to the family business in 1999 and has been there ever since. He says his tenure in the music publishing business has been a “thrilling ride, and I’m glad to be working with such universally talented and nice people.” He served as the President of the Church Music Publishers Association from 2009-2010 and has been the Vice-Chairman of the Church Music Publishers Action Fund since 2015. Mr. Bock resides in Los Angeles with his wife Lisa, daughter Kaylee, son Alexander, and two annoying dogs that deserve no other attribution based on their behavior this morning.

Fred Bock Publishing Group is proud to work with an amazing array of individuals.

Dave Cole, Data Wrangler, FBPG

Dave Cole

Data Wrangler

Dr. David M. Cole is a retired astrophysicist with undergraduate degrees in Math & Physics from Calvin College, Michigan, and his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Astronomy & Astrophysics from the University of Chicago, Illinois. He spent the better part of two decades at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology, testing infrared detectors and supporting an instrument aboard the Spitzer Space Telescope. Dave is an active member of the Glendale community, serving on the boards of multiple charitable organizations such as the Dad’s Club, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the children and families of Verdugo Woodlands. He is also an amateur musician, having arranged pieces for and performing in a men’s acapella group.

Josiah Gamez, Tech Team Supervisor, FBPG

Josiah Gamez

Tech Team Supervisor

Josiah is a supervisor in the IT department at Fred Bock Publishing Group. Josiah oversees several aspects of website development and has a special fondness for database development. While he may work in IT, he has a deep love for music and was involved in many bands and orchestras during his academic career, such as Marching Band and Jazz Band. Josiah is able to play a wide variety of instruments, including the upright and electric bass, trombone, and tuba. In 2018 and 2020, Josiah had the honor of performing in the Pasadena Rose Parade in the Tournament of Roses Honor Band. Currently, Josiah is pursuing a degree in Electromechanical Systems Engineering Technology (EMSET) at California State Polytechnic, Pomona.

Kaylee Garcia, Tech Team, Special Projects Coordinator, FBPG

Kaylee Garcia

Tech Team, Special Projects Coordinator

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Kaylee serves as the Special Projects Coordinator and as a member of the Tech Team at FBPG. She thoroughly enjoys her position because she has been able to expand her interests and learn something new about the Choral Music industry daily. Although she’s a true Angeleno, her heart belongs to San Francisco and their NFL team, the 49ers. When she’s not preoccupied with work or school, you can find Kaylee at the nearest movie theater. Kaylee will soon be transferring out of Pasadena City College, where she is studying to get her Bachelors in Criminology – she has a deep fascination with the complexity of the human mind, and wants to become a Behavioral Analyst. 

Paxton O'Bryan, Tech Team, Technologist, FBPG

Paxton O’Bryan

Tech Team, System Administrator

Paxton is our diligent technologist, specializing in Server Management. His responsibilities include maintaining the FBPG internal server and Database Development. Paxton is a senior at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA; majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Music, with a concentration in Trombone Performance. Paxton has a keen sense of adventure, participating in annual road trips and camping excursions along the California Coast with his family. When he’s not at school, he enjoys sampling food from various niche fast food chains, browsing the Frank & Sons Collectible Show and visiting home – which he uses as an opportunity to do laundry and enjoy home cooked meals. 

Dionne Guardado

Office Manager

Dionne was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and later moved to the States at the age of two; Queens, first to New York, and then to her current residency in Los Angeles, California. Prior to her position at FBPG, Dionne worked as a Private Caregiver, Caseworker for Glendale Communitas Initiative, and as a Bookkeeper at the Glendale Presbyterian Church. Her responsibilities as a Bookkeeper transferred over along with her when she joined FBPG, with the additional role of Office Management. During her free time, Dionne enjoys watching movies, making fun of contestants on The Bachelor with her son, Isaiah, and partaking in cuisine from different cultures; her favorite being the Caribbean soup, callaloo.  

Maclain Jewett, Tech Team, Social Media Supervisor, FGPG

Maclain Jewett

Tech Team, Social Media Supervisor

Maclain serves as part of FBPG’s Tech Team, as well as our Social Media Supervisor. His duties include managing spreadsheets and creating content for our Youtube and social media platforms. Maclain currently attends Cal State LA, with hopes to become a teacher upon obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in History. Prior to college, he lived in South Florida by the beach, where he loves soaking up the sun and kayaking through the mangroves. As a passionate athlete, Maclain coaches several Lacrosse teams within the Los Angeles area; Village Christian, and the independant club programs Verdugo Lacrosse, Tribe Lacrosse, and Mad Lads Lacrosse. When he’s not coaching, Maclain can usually be found cooking – his speciality being homemade chili. 

James Green, Managing Editor, FBPG

James Green

Managing Editor

Before joining FBPG, James worked as the in-house Editor for Hinshaw Music and Walton Music. As a dedicated composer and arranger, James has written pieces for concert bands, dance troupes, saxophone and Native American Flute. He takes great pride in connecting with the Cherokee Nation (Tahlequah, OK) and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (Cherokee, NC). James has put forth substantial efforts to keep the Cherokee language alive through choral music, arranging Cherokee music using the Western / Overhill Cherokee dialect and the Eastern / Kituwah dialect. In his free time, James enjoys making Native American flutes and composing songs for the instrument, and cherishes the relationships that he has built with composers over the years.

Alicia Steinhaus

Director of Rentals

Alicia is a dedicated cellist and conductor with 20+ years as Artistic Director and Conductor of the Lake Avenue Community Orchestra. She holds a degree in Music Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. Prior to FBPG, Alicia worked in Corporate IT at Disney where she resolved computer and application issues for the executive offices at the studio and later moved to application development and web design for Gelson’s Markets. She says her very first cello solo book was “Sacred Songs Arranged for Piano and Bass Clef Instruments,” by Fred Bock and considers it a “Godwink” she now works for the company that bears his name in an industry she is truly passionate about. When Alicia is not working, you can find her creating graphic designs, arranging music, developing new recipes in the kitchen, or totally enjoying her expanding group of grandkids. 

Stephen O'Bryan, Director of Information Technology, FBPG

Stephen O’Bryan

Vice President of Information Technology

Stephen is a graduate of Anderson University and an avid technologist with a strong background in Internet Development, focusing on Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. As the Vice President of Information Technology at FBPG, Stephen focuses on System Analysis and Software System Design. Stephen leads his technology team by creating strategic software specifications and developing the infrastructure to meet the needs of the 8 publishing imprints that comprise Fred Bock Publishing Group. Stephen and his core team come from Smack Smog Inc., where they provided digital strategies for healthcare, entertainment, and educational institutions. Stephen is involved in the local community and sits on the board of directors for several community nonprofits. When he’s not playing Xbox or camping at the beach, you can often find him with a camera in his hand, wandering the streets of Los Angeles.

Allan Robert Petker, Vice President of Publications, FBPG

Allan Robert Petker

Vice President of Publications

Allan serves as the Vice President of Publications for Fred Bock Publishing Group, including its subsidiaries, Fred Bock Music Company, Gentry Publications, National Music Publishers, H.T. FitzSimons Company and Hinshaw Music. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from California State University Northridge in music, with concentrations in viola (BA), voice and choral conducting (MA). With more than 250 published works, Allan is recognized as a noted composer, arranger and conductor. He has led concert tours throughout Europe, the Baltic and South America, and has guest conducted choirs in England, Korea and France. Additionally, Allan serves as the President of Pavane Publishing, which he founded in 1989.

Natalie Ring, Writer, Tech Team, FBPG

Natalie Ring

Writer, Tech Team

Currently attending Hussian College, Los Angeles, Natalie is a passionate filmmaker striving for her BFA in Film. Dedicated to her craft, Natalie serves as a Post Production Editor at the stop motion company Apartment D, and thoroughly enjoys being part of all aspects of production. Natalie has a well rounded background, consisting of 6+ years of experience working as a Writer, Copy Editor, and Page Editor for her schools’ Journalism Departments, as well as several years of experience in Social Media Managing for online magazines and her clients’ personal accounts. When she’s not on set, you can find Natalie binge-watching Bravo TV’s Top Chef with her mom and going to basketball games with her dad – Go Clippers!

Patti Ring, Digital Designer, FBPG

Patti Ring

Digital Designer

Patti is a Los Angeles based graphic and web designer. Originating from the East Coast, she attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. She works alongside her partner, Steve O’Bryan, at SmackSmog; an independent company that specializes in web design and strategic content marketing. When she’s not designing websites, Patti enjoys tending to her vegetable garden, going for hikes and relishing the outdoors. She’s a firm believer that it’s better to be nice than right, an “oops” is better than a “what if” and simple is best. “In design. In life. In Everything.”

Kevin Rodriguez, Copyright Coordinator at Fred Bock Publishing Group

Kevin Rodriguez

Copyright Coordinator

Kevin was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He currently serves on staff as the Copyright Coordinator at the Fred Bock Publishing Group. Kevin studied at Azusa Pacific University pursuing a degree in Commercial Music Business. On his days off, he enjoys spending his time hiking, going to the gym, and being at Disneyland. Being from the LA area, Kevin is a die hard Lakers fan and spends as much time as he can listening to sports podcasts and watching the games. He is also passionate about film and enjoys going to the movie theaters, as well as streaming shows. Some of his favorite shows are Arrested Development, The Office and Succession.

Miles O'Bryan, Executive Attic Manager, FGPG

Miles O’Bryan

Executive Attic Manager

Miles is a dedicated musician with a passion for sports. Equipped with strong organizational skills, his duties at FBPG encompass managing and archiving corporate documents. He is experienced with the french horn and trombone, and frequently performs with the Symphonic and Jazz bands at Glendale High School (GHS). Miles’ love for music directly correlates with his love for classic 80’s Hip-Hop artists, such as the Beastie Boys. As an athlete, Miles actively plays Lacrosse for GHS, the independent club Mad Lads, and coaches for Tribe Lacrosse. When he’s not performing or playing on the field, you can find Miles going for drives in the family’s 1973 Volkswagen Thing, or spending time with their dog Caoimhe (pronounced “Key-vah”). 

Title reads Welsh Lullaby Performance Experiance

Welsh Lullaby Performance Experience

Editor's Note: The article you're about to read has been penned by Mia Moore, a talented intern currently with the Fred Bock Publishing Group (FBPG). At FBPG, we take pride in our tradition of fostering the next generation of music enthusiasts. By bringing on interns,...
I'll Stand by Raymond Wise

I’ll Stand

About The Arranger, Raymond Wise “I’ll Stand,” (HMC 2687) is an SSAATTB choral selection. This song is a part of the Raymond Wise Choral Series, with words and music by Raymond Wise. This gospel - influenced piece was published by Hinshaw Music, an international...
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“Harmonizing Voices: The Significance of Piano Duets in Choral Concerts”

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World renowned choral conductor and educator, Dr. Pearl Shangkuan, has accepted the position of Editor for the storied choral publisher, Hinshaw Music.

Fred Bock Publishing Group Announces Pearl Shangkuan as New Editor of Hinshaw Music

World renowned choral conductor and educator, Dr. Pearl Shangkuan, has accepted the position of Editor for the storied choral publisher, Hinshaw Music.