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The article you’re about to read has been penned by Mia Moore, a talented intern currently with the Fred Bock Publishing Group (FBPG). At FBPG, we take pride in our tradition of fostering the next generation of music enthusiasts. By bringing on interns, we aim to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the choral music publishing industry. Moreover, we believe in the power of firsthand experiences, which is why we encourage our interns to share their personal journeys and insights from performing our music. We hope you enjoy Mia’s perspective and reflections.

Title reads Welsh Lullaby Performance Experiance

“Building Bridges and Transforming Lives through the Power of Music, International Tour

This past summer, I was granted the opportunity to tour internationally with the Azusa Pacific University Chamber Singers, under the direction of Michelle Jensen. This performance tour through Ireland, Wales, and England, took place from June 28th to July 11th. During this summer 2023 tour titled, “Building Bridges and Transforming Lives through the Power of Music,” our choir visited Dublin, Llangollen, and Manchester. After doing so I took a train to the London area to journey through some of the surrounding cities. The memories as well as musical impact made during this trip will last me a lifetime, and always hold a special place within my heart.

A Welsh Lullaby

During the summer tour, I was given the opportunity to not only perform beautiful music that I otherwise may not have encountered, but I was also given the opportunity to perform one particular song that is currently part of the Gentry Publications Catalog: “A Welsh Lullaby.” The musical composition in question proved to be a profoundly moving experience during the tour. Its hauntingly evocative character, coupled with the refined melodic sensibility and the poignant lyrical content, worked in unison to craft a complex tapestry interwoven with personal recollections and imaginative reveries. This encounter has undeniably etched a lasting impression upon my artistic journey.

“A Welsh Lullaby,” is a traditional Welsh song by the original name of, “Suo Gan.” The original Suo Gan was written by an anonymous composer in the early 1800’s with the lyrical text being written by the Welsh folklorist, Robert Bryan later on. The piece’s meaning translates to “lull song,” and the lyrics depict the story of a mother rocking one slowly in a cradle as they gently drift away into sleep. It is within this sleep that is so serene and peaceful, that it feels as though angels are hovering near, smiling, and looking down upon the young childs face, as they dream of visions wondrous and far.

This arrangement of “A Welsh Lullaby,” is a K. Lee Scott a cappella arrangement written for an SATB mixed voce choral group. This piece was published by Gentry Publications, and based on the “Suo gan” from the motion picture, “Empire of the Sun.”

The UK Performances

The Azusa Pacific University Chamber Singers, Building Bridges and Transforming Lives through the Power of Music tour, featured the choral ensemble performing this piece in numerous locations. The instances that stood out the most include our performance for the BBC news, St. Pauls Cathedral, Johnnie Fox’s Pub, and Caernarfin Castle. I hold these performances close to my heart due to the differing impacts that they had on each audience group, as well as the performers.

The St. Paul’s Cathedral performance took place in London, England. This performance truly set the stage for the remaining tour for me, as this was my first international performance. The church acoustics truly warmed up the sound and touched the hearts of those throughout the audience. 

Another performance of Welsh Lullaby took place for the BBC news channel. This performance resonated with me because it was very spur of the moment, yet well-refined.

This article was written by Mia Moore, Intern at Fred Bock Publishing Group

Mia Moore, Voice 

Mia Moore is a Southern California raised vocalist who spent part of her childhood living in Nashville, Tennessee. She tends to drift toward sounds similar to smooth R&B with a hint of southern country spice, and this is reflected within her music. She also enjoys listening to any music that she can get her hands on. Her main influences include but aren’t limited to Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Jazmin Sullivan, Carrie Underwood, and Carly Pearce. Her musical background includes being able to play the instruments known as voice, flute, piano, and guitar. Currently, she is pursuing her Undergraduate Degree in Commercial Music, with an emphasis in Vocal Performance. In her downtime she loves all things crochet, anime, television, and spending quality time with family and friends. 

Mia began her music journey in elementary school after joining a band, and continued with this upon reaching high school, where she began to take part in vocal jazz and choral ensembles. With this, her love of music grew to greater heights as she ultimately decided to pursue a degree and career in the music industry. To 

date, she is pursuing a BM in Commercial Music Performance, while also working on background vocal studio recording sessions and live performances. Her long term goals are to continue performing music professionally, and eventually obtain her Jurors Doctred in Entertainment Law.